Amandeep Dhillon

Physiotherapy Resident

I was born into an agricultural family in a small village in India and between work on the farm and playing soccer; I am no stranger to various pains and injuries. I was always amazed by the anatomy and biomechanics of the human body. I look at it as a system par excellence, a perfect machine with all the levers and pulleys working all our lives with precision. My desire to know about the human body intrigued and motivated me immensely that I ended up pursuing physiotherapy as a career.

I graduated from Punjabi University completing my Bachelor of Physiotherapy and worked for a couple of years before moving to this great country in 2012. I studied about the Canadian Health System at Humber College and University of Toronto and then worked in a health care setting as I prepared to write my National Exam and be recognized as a Physiotherapist in Canada.

In 2016, I got married to my high school sweetheart, after knowing her for 16 years, and soon after finishing her Masters degree in Public Administration in Health from New York, she also moved to Canada.

After living all of these years in Toronto and New York, we were looking for a relatively quiet place to settle in. Fortunately my wife’s job brought us to Guelph in October 2017 and we can’t be more thankful. We love everything about living in Guelph.

In my free time I like writing poems and reading literature which I believe not only entertains but awakens the reader. My wife and I also love going on hikes, canoeing and trail biking.

Being a physiotherapist, I see myself in a position to help my patients understand more about the amazing creation called the “human body” and facilitate maintenance of its functionality through manual modifications and guidance with exercise. The satisfaction that I derive from alleviating my patients’ pain is the cherry on top.