Laura Baer

Registered Massage Therapist

Laura loves people, the outdoors, and movement. She is an athlete, a farmer, and an active community member. She loves creating spaces for connection and surrounding herself with a family of friends and community.

Laura grew up on an organic farm in Baden, where she learned about the critical importance of health in one’s life. She values having a connection to the land and knowing how our food is grown, and is passionate about sharing this with others. Laura still spends time on the farm, running a community garden, kids’ farm camps, farm tours and dinners. She built on this passion through her studies in International Development at the University of Guelph, focusing on food security and sustainability.

During her time at the University of Guelph Laura played varsity soccer, and continues to play to this day. Laura is a very active and playful individual, often found running, biking, paddling, climbing, doing yoga, and immersing herself in the outdoors. Having this experience as an athlete and outdoorswoman, Laura enjoys treating other athletes and is excited to apply her own experiences to the treatment that she offers at Speed River Physiotherapy.

Laura has been practicing as a massage therapist for three years, graduating from CCMH in 2014. Her practice has evolved over the years, initially focused on pre and post-natal health, supported by her training as a doula. She then pursued her yoga teacher training in India, and has since taught yoga through the Guelph Community Health Centre as well as other workshops and classes in the community. Laura’s sees yoga as a useful tool to build mindfulness and connection to one’s body

Laura treats in a way that creates space for you to master the art of relaxation while being an active participant in the healing of your own body. She encourages you to use your breath throughout the treatment, and works with you to find space and movement in restricted parts of your body. Laura will help you be mindful in your movements outside of the treatment room, helping you change chronic holding patterns in your daily movements to enjoy a better quality of life.