About Us

Speed River Physiotherapy was born in 2007 out of a desire to raise the bar in the quality of physiotherapy care in Guelph. By providing our clients with longer treatment times we are able to give the attention and education needed to ensure a better recovery. We offer seniors and post-secondary students a more manageable treatment fee as we appreciate earning potential is limited at these important times in life. The clinic name needed to incorporate ‘Speed River’ for a few reasons: the location – Guelph; the water – the powerful tranquility of its movement; the runners – Speed River Track and Field club has a familial connection…

The primary focus of physiotherapy is to provide immediate pain relief. We understand the urgency of your situation and have built in the time to address it. When you are dealing with chronic or recurring pain, it is the ‘shin bone is connected to the thigh bone’ concept that helps guide us to the source of the problem. Your pain is often just the tip of the iceberg: while at the surface it is presenting itself in a manner that demands your attention it is what lies beneath that is more representative of the real problem.

At Speed River Physiotherapy we have the time to listen, treat and educate you so that you not only feel an immediate sense of relief but are empowered to manage your pain more effectively on your own. There is no better investment of your time and money than your health. We respect that and will guarantee…

  • You will be able to resume your activity with your renewed body.
  • You will feel more movement confident with the restored energy and strength your body will have.
  • You will have the knowledge and understanding to respect your body language and your physical boundaries will be more clear.

We are energized by the success stories we are a part of every day and are looking forward to meeting you!